Hello, I'm Ben Werdmüller.

I'm an engineer, startup founder, investor, and writer.

I blog at werd.io, tweet at @benwerd, and try to do work that makes the world more equal and informed.

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I'm trying to use the web for good.

I like to work on projects with the potential to make the world more equal and empathetic. Previously, that has meant building open source platforms that help people to connect and learn from each other on their own terms.

At the start of my career, I was convinced people would use social software to learn from each other, build new relationships, and work in entirely new ways. I built one of the first social intranet platforms, and learned how to build a startup and an open source ecosystem in the process.

Software I've built has been used by NGOs, Fortune 500 companies, Ivy League universities, and national governments. I've invested alongside organizations like KQED and the New York Times. I helped build one of the first NFT protocols for independent artists. And I've mentored hundreds of startups (as well as starting a few of my own).

I'd love to be helpful if I can. Get in touch at ben@benwerd.com.

NB: I believe in inclusivity, building real equity, and subverting systemic oppression by giving a voice and a platform to diverse peoples. Consequently, I won't knowingly work on projects that cause harm to marginalized communities or persist existing inequalities, nor with project founders who do not agree with those goals.